About TradeRoom Mini

Forexite TradeRoom Mini system has been designed to access a trading account over a mobile phone or another handheld device. To use the system, you need Internet access and an HTML browser (WAP is not enough). The system is adapted for smaller displays, simple browsers, and low-speed connection.

The TradeRoom Mini system allows viewing your account information as well as performing basic active operations the list of which is constantly expanding.

The system is secured with a SSL protocol. Communication between the server and a client is in an encrypted mode with a 128-bit encryption key. Some browsers can report a certificate issuer is unknown. Usually you may go on in such cases. Another can give a message of data exchange being not encrypted. You are recommended not to use such browsers.

The Forexite TradeRoom trading terminal designed for trading from a PC allows trades execution, order operations and other possibilities as well as account information. The system login page is at

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