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Data Caching
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Virtual Account
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Trading styles
Executing a trade
Trading page
Open Positions table
Currency Balances table
State of Account table
Order Operations
Orders to close an open position or a deal
New order placement and existing order editing
Specifying order rate as an increment
Trailing FAQ
Examples of usage of the orders
Currency Charts
Forex News table


Account Funding
Incoming Payments List
Funds Transfer
Outgoing Payments List


Deals List
Deal Details
Orders List
Order Details
Account Statement
Profit / Loss
Notification of Account Funding
Transfer Order
State of Account before Close-out

Data Sorting in tables


Contact Information
Modeling of State of Account
Event Log


Registration Data
Account Information
Personal Data
Company Data
Agreement View
Password Change Balance Automatic Conversion
Newsletter Subscription
Event Notifications
Trading Preferences
Order Preferences
TradeRoom Preferences

Trading Conditions

General Trading Conditions
Instruments Information
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Trading Hours Information
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